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Sunday, 9 October 2016

A drawing from the past

Quite a few years ago I made this charcoal drawing of a Maori lady I met in Picton on the top of the South Island. 
Her story was remarkable.
I don't know her name anymore and she never saw this drawing.
Together with her son she owned a little tourist shop and when I walked in I was straight away captured by her presence, her aura of wisdom and grace. In Maori language this is called "Mana".

I approached her and told her she looked beautiful.
She had a moko tattooed on her chin and I asked her if I could take a photograph of her, so I could later sketch her.
She agreed to the photograph and then she told me her story:

"I was married to a Pakeha man [meaning white man] for many years, but then I had an horrendous accident and nearly died. I still have a scar on my forehead from this accident.
I decided that when I would live, I would have a moko tattooed on my face, because I was given another chance of life.
I lived and recovered from the accident and got a moko.
My husband didn't like it and he told me he couldn't wake up every morning next to me and look at the moko on my face, so he left me.
But I know that I had to be true to myself for what  I believed in and to this day I never regretted my decision".

I really admired her to do what was right for her and a few weeks later I did the charcoal drawing of her.
She was one of those people you meet on your way for a just a moment in time, but as a gift of wisdom.
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Drawings of Spring in New Zealand.

There is blossom on the trees in our garden, daffodils flowering and tulip heads opening up.
In New Zealand the native  Kowhai tree flowers in Spring as well.
The flowers are bright yellow and attract native birds like the Tui, Bellbird and the New Zealand pigeon Kereru.
When we became New Zealand citizens not long ago,we received a Kowhai tree as a gift.
We have two Kowhai trees in our garden and  they are in flower now.
I did a watercolour painting for a card of the Kohwai flower and a pencil sketch, what will became a painting as well.
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Little watercolour of the kowhai flowers

Pencil sketch for a new painting of the Kowhai flowers

the real Kowhai flowers

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A busy weekend

This weekend was an active, busy weekend with lots of work in the garden.
During the winter Henk pruned trees,but also felled trees in the paddock and we were left with a big heap to burn.
We can't just burn without permission of the fire department, I rang the local council this week and asked for permission to burn in our paddock.
We have a burning permit till the middle of October, after October it can become hazardous to light a fire.
Rachel and Luke helped Henk with getting all the branches to the fire.

This weekend I have been making marmalade from lemons and grapefruit to sell on my roadside stall and when I was filling the jars I thought of a still life oil painting I did a few years ago of lemons.

Still life of lemons.
I haven't used oil for some time now,but kept all the paints, so maybe I will do a small painting again in oils. Water colours are easier to set up and put away and dry so quick.
But oils have an amazing blending time what I like.
Rachel and Luke helping Henk with the burning.

A lot of smoke

Nearly finished.
Today we finished the weekend with a lovely walk on the river banks in Brightwater with Ollie our dog and a yummy coffee afterwards at the local cafe.
So good Spring is here!
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